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Cross Roller Bearing YRT80
  • Roller Bearing Croce YRT80

As we all know, the overall quality of domestic high-precision processing equipment and industrial workers is still far from that of foreign countries. This is why the domestic production of YRT turntable bearings has been unstable, it is difficult to meet the main requirements of the user, which is bound to cause YRT Turntable Bearing high rejection rate, production costs increased significantly, production cycle is too long, and it is difficult to form mass production, and the cross roller bearings precisely make up for the defects of YRT turntable bearings in these areas, the structure is relatively simple, production and processing The process is simple, the requirements for production equipment are low, and it is relatively easy to achieve high accuracy, and can quickly form a batch production capacity, the production cycle is relatively short, and the cost is significantly reduced relative to YRT turntable bearings. 

Cross-roller bearings and YRT turntable bearings have many similarities in terms of function and use, such as high rigidity, high precision, high load-carrying capacity, and high-speed performance in terms of performance. They are widely used and highly accurate in their use. CNC dials, vertical machining centers, vertical grinding machines and other equipment, cross roller bearings and YRT turntable bearings are not very different in terms of function and use.