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Cross Roller Bearing YRT580
  • Rulli incrociati cuscinetti YRT580

Wind turbine wheel bearing manufacturing process, its lubrication, encapsulation and anticorrosive process is also the key to the manufacturing process, in the process of the wheel bearing lubrication, steering resistance moment is reduced, and extend the service life of wheel bearings, the use of grease lubrication and oil lubrication, and wind turbine wheel bearing lubricant in the process of actual choice, mainly to compound lithium base lubricant to be used. At the same time, in the process of lubrication, the rotary bearing of wind generator must ensure that lubricant has certain anti-wear performance, anti-low temperature performance and thermal stability. In the process of wind turbine wheel bearing seal, wheel bearing internal lubricant is to be protected, and reduces steering resistance moment, nitrile butadiene rubber sealing material treated in use, adopt the mode of lip seal, wind turbine wheel bearing corrosion process is mainly for sandblasting processing, its bearing finally carries on the thermal spraying process.
To sum up, wind turbine wheel bearings in actual design process, is to do a good job of type selection design of wind turbine wheel bearing, ensure that the process of wind turbine operation with higher life and reliability, and try to borrow to CAD system, improve the wheel bearing related parameters of precision test, and ensure the high quality wheel bearings, do a good job of wind turbine wheel bearing lubrication, sealing and corrosion protection work